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Family Adventure

Family Adventure

When you think of a family vacation in Orange Beach, do the words “FAMILY ADVENTURE” immediately pop to mind?  It should, and there is no better way to discover your family adventure than a private boat excursion with us!  With 2, 3, and 4-hour private boat tours available, we are positive we can find the right adventure for your family.  Whether it be just a simple safari to find a local pod of dolphins or an intensive hunt for Orange Beach’s elusive mermaids, we have just the right tour for you.  By catering to every group, the imagination is the limit.

Take, for instance, the two brothers from our charter yesterday that decided it would be a great idea to leave the most traveled path and set sail for unchartered back bay waters.  With adventure in mind, they found Ingram’s Bayou and got to experience nature in its truest form.  They saw a pod of dolphins on the hunt for mullet and even spied one of our local Bald Eagles soaring the sky.  These two will not soon forget the memories that were created yesterday.

This is what makes our tour different.  We offer adventure and on a personal level.  All of our trips are private.  Your family will be the only family on the boat, and every minute of the voyage will be devoted to what you want to do.  Whether it be just a simple dolphin cruise or a stop at one of our local islands, we can make it happen.  So what are you waiting for, give us a call today to find out exactly how we can turn your vacation into an adventure that your family will cherish forever!  You can reach us anytime by calling (251) 609-0752 or book us online by clicking here, BOOK NOW!  We look forward to helping you spend some quality family time on the water away from the hustle and bustle of the busy beaches and normal tourist spots!

Quality family adventures aboard our private family dolphin cruise.